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The Legacy of Maria Yudina
Vol 13


Vista Vera completed issuing of a 13-volumes series The Legacy of Maria Yudina .We would like to acknowledge gratefully all those who helped to make it possible: Vera Yudina, Maria Veniaminovna's sister, who unfortunately passed away in November, 2004; Yulia Suvorova, Maria Veniaminovna's niece; Marina Drozdova, Victor Derevianko, Anatoly Kuznetsov, friends and students of Maria Yudina; Mikhail Segelman, musucologist;Tamara Badeyan, sound engineer; Vasily Lobankov, Vladimir Dragunov, IFPI Moscow office; Victor Ossipov, Russian Society for Performers Rights Protection; Alexei Ugrinovich, National Federation of Phonographic Industry, Russia.

The Legacy of Maria Yudina
Ludwig van Beethoven.
15 Variations and Fugue on a Theme from "Prometheus" in E flat major, op. 35
33 Diabelli Variations, ор. 120 in C major

Ernst Krenek. Sonata, ор. 59
Igor Stravinsky. Sonata C-Dur, 1924.
Serenade for piano A-Dur
Bela Bartok. 8 pieces of solo piano music Microcosm
Paul Hindemith. Sonata for two pianos, 1942 г.

Johann Sebastian Bach
14 Preludes and Fugues (Well-Tempered Clavier, book 2)

Ludwig van Beethoven. Sonata No 29 (Grosse Sonate fur das Hammerklavier), op. 106, B Dur
Johannes Brahms Intermezzo (op.116 No 2, оp.117 No 1, 2,3, op. 118 No 1, 2, 4. 6,. op. 119 No 2, 3).

Johannes Brahms. Variations and Fuga on a Theme by Handel B-Dur, op. 24.
Quartet No 2 for piano, violin, viola, and cello

Franz Schubert. Sonata No 10 B-Dur
Robert Schumann. Bird as Prophet (N 7 of Forest Scenes, op. 82) g-moll.
Fantasy Pieces, ор. 12

Ludwig van Beethoven. Piano Concertos № 4 & № 5.

Ludwig van Beethoven. Sonatas № 5 c-moll, op. 10 N 1; № 12 As-Dur, ор. 26; № 22 F-Dur, ор. 54; № 32 c-moll, ор. 111

Ludwig van Beethoven. Sonatas № 16 G-Dur, op. 31, № 1; № 27 e-moll, op. 90; № 28 A-Dur, op. 101
Sonata for violin and piano № 6 (ор. 30 № 1) A-Dur
Sergei Taneyev. Quartet E-Dur for piano, violin, viola and cello, op.20.
Quintet g-moll for piano, two violins, viola and cello, op.30

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. 1 Rondo a-moll, KV 511.
Piano concerto No 20 d-moll, KV 466
Piano concerto No 23 A-Dur, KV 488

Johann Sebastian Bach. 6 Preludes and Fugues (Well-Tempered Clavier, book 1).
Chromatic Fantasy and Fugue d-moll. Bach-Liszt. Prelude a-moll (originally for the organ) BWV-543

Modest Musorgsky. 1. Meditation. Album Leaf. Three pieces on the themes from the opera Boris Godunov: № 1. The Holy Fool. №2. The Bell Ringing. №3. Glory
Nikolai Medtner . Sonata-Triad, ор.11
Sergei Prokofiev. Romeo and Juliet Before Parting. No 10 of Concert Transcriptions for piano from the music to the ballet Romeo and Juliet, ор.75. Visions Fugitives, ор.22





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