C. Saint-Saens Symphony No.3 "Organ". Le Carnaval des Animaux. Orchestral works.
FUAT MANSUROV, conductor. State symphony orchestra of Tatarstan.

DDD 71'12''
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Saint-Saens dedicated his Symphony No3 to the memory of Franz Liszt with whom he mainained close friendly relations for some 20 years. In this symphony the composer develops the Liszt's principles of monothematism. Saent-Saens introduced into symphony a significant part of organ, that is why it is also called "Organ". For many years he worked as organist in several cathedrals in Paris and was celebrated for his organ improvisations.
Carnival of the Animals was written by the composer for a private occassion and contains a great deal of parody. It consists of a number of small pieces, very vivid and humorous. In a street carnival procession of animals are marching one by one. The composr uses a very special method by citing and making parody of his own and others music.


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