VVCD - 00063


Virtuosity of clarinet, vol.1

Lev Mikhailov

Claud Debussy
Francis Poulenc
Artur Honegger
Igor Stravinsky
Paul Hindemith
Albin Berg
Bela Bartok

Maria Yudina, piano
Victor Pikaizen, violin

Claude Debussy (1862-1918). From the 24 Preludes for piano, transcription for clarinet.
1 Dance of Puck (book 1 No 11)
2 Heather (book 2 No 17)
Francis Poulenc (1899-1963).Sonata for clarinet and piano
3 Allegro tristement. Allegretto
4 Романс. Tres caime
5 Allegro con fuoco. Tres anime
Artur Honnegger (1892-1955). Sonatina for clainet and piano
6 Moderato
7 Lento e sostenuto
8 Vivo e ritmico
Igor Stravinsky (1882-1971). Three pieces for solo
9 I
10 II
11 III
Albin Berg (1885-1935). Four pieces for clarinet and piano, op. 5
12 Massig
13 Sehr langsam
14 Sehr rash
15 Langsam
Paul Hindemith (1895-1963). Sonata for clarinet and piano (op. 1939)
16 Massig bewegt
17 Lebhaft
18 Sehr langsam
19 Kleine rondo, gemachlig
Bela Bartok (1881-1945)Contrasts for violin, clarinet and piano (op. 1938)
20 Verbunkos (The dance of recruits). Moderato ben ritmico
21 Relaxation. Lento
22 Fast dance. Allegro vivo

Total time: 68.04

Lev Mikhailov reached the highest standards in his profession and was invited to play in the Moscow Radio Orchestra, the Orchestra of the Bolshoi Theatre and the State Symphony Orchestra of the USSR. Most convincing was his performance of the famous cantilena solo pieces. Amazing by the quality of sound and expressiveness they always ravished the audience and his colleagues. An outstanding musician Mikhailov became a very good pedagogue too: he was invited to teach students at the Department of the Wind Instruments at the Moscow Conservatoire.
He was very sociable and well-wishing man and had no enemies. For purely personal reasons he left the country and departed abroad where he untimely died. One would like this disc to become a tribute of memory to a great artist and a true friend of mine.
Valeri Popov
Professor at the Moscow Conservatoire





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