VVCD - 00059


Classical records of traditional Russian folk songs performed by the State Symphony Capella of Russia, conductor Valery Polyansky.

1. I Shall Go to the Fast River
2.In the Dark Woods
3. Bells Were Ringing
4.With a Nightingale’s Flight
Lyrics by A.Koltzov
5. For Whom Does It Ring
6. Troika
7. Tramp
8. Ah, You Wide, Expansive Steppe
9. Under the Oak, Under the Elm
10.Don’t Blow, Wild and Windy Storm
11. Ei, Ukhnem (Song of Barge Haulers)
12.Hei, Homeward, All Good Women
13. The Red Sarafan
14.Why Did I Get to Know You, My Love…
15.How He beat Me, A Young Girl
16.I Will go, I Will Leave

Total time: 59.58

Recorded in 1994
Cover. Alexei Venecianov. The Reapers.


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