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Antonio Vivaldi
Five Concertos for bassoon and chamber orchestra


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Vivaldi's artistic world was very much created under the impressions of majestic beauty of palaces and temples of Venice, of the rich colours of the canvases of the Venician painters,of colourful and bright carnivals, and of course of the rich musical traditions of his native town. Hence the architectonic perfection and the beauty of the proportions, the ebullient pulsation of the rhythm (his famous dotted "Lombardian" rhythm!) and the element of the dancing movement, the fascination of the song melos and the colourist interpretation of the orchestra.
A musician who plays Vivaldi's Bassoon Concertos meets most difficult challenges. One has to convey with perfect expressiveness the melodious plasticity of the Italian bel canto; to show a virtuoso technique; to make a delicate gradation in correlation of solo and tutti; to be able to show the subtlety and elegance of the chamber music and at the same time the orchestral range of expression. This is how one can reach an effect of the polychromatic sound space of Vivaldi's music.
Vivaldi's great intuition helped him to introduce a wonderful combination of the timbre of bassoon and string instruments (and also harpsichord which played the part of basso contino). This godsend proved to be very prospective for further developing of the concert repertoire for this instrument as string orchestra is present in many compositions for the bassoon.
Natalia Gavrilova
Doctor of Musicology, Professor of the Moscow Conservatoire

Valery Popov (b. 1937) graduated from the Moscow Conservatoire in 1966. By that time he had already become a bassoonist of the USSR State Symphony Orchestra. Since 1971 he teaches at the Moscow Conservatoire, since 1991 professor, since 1992 head the chair of the wind and percussion instruments. He continues his concert activity and enlarges his huge repertoire.
Valery Polyansky (b.1949) occupies a unique place in Russia's musical life. He graduated from the Moscow conservatoire in 1971 both as a choral and symphonic conductor. Along with Gennady Rozhdestvensky he founded The State Academic Capella. It's a highly professional group that includes both symphony orchestra and an academic chorus, over 200 musicians altogether. Polyansky also performs as conductor with various orchestras in Russia and in Europe and always displays a wonderful artistry and subtle sense of style.

Antonio Vivaldi
Five Concertos for bassoon and chamber orchestra

Concerto g-moll, RV 496
1 Allegro 3.25
2 Largo 5.16
3 Allegro 3.29
Concerto C- Dur, RV 475
4 Allegro non molto 4.04
5 Adagio 4.17
6 Allegro non molto 3.38
Concerto a-moll, RV 500
7 Allegro 3.34
8 Largo 4.06
9 Allegro 3.19
Concerto F- Dur, RV 486
10 Allegro non molto 3.46
11 Largo 2.26
12 Allegro 2.54
Concerto e-moll, RV 484
13 Allegro poco 4.28
14 Andante 3.20
15 Allegro 3.21

Total time: 55.29

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