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Serenade B dur


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Mozart wrote Serenade No.10 in B-flat in the early1780s in the heydays of
his creative activities. It is notable for its professional maturity,
musical freshness and almost symphonic scale. He extended a very popular at the time ensemble of the wind instruments, octet, to thirteen instruments.
Actually the group was transformed in a small orchestra. It consisted of two oboes, two clarinets, two bassethorns, four horns, two bassoons, and a double bass. Such a group made it possible for Mozart to compose a work, by the words of a contemporary, "glorious and grand, excellent and sublime".

Serenade "Gran Partita" B dur, op.10, K. 361
Soloists of the USSR State Symphony Orchestra
Recorded in 1985

1 Largo. Allegro molto 10.08
2 Menuetto 8.48
3 . Adagio 6.36
4 Menuetto. Allegretto 4.51
5 Romanze. Adagio 6.24
6 Thema mit Variationen. Andante 10.50
7 Rondo. Allegro molto 3.37

Total time: 51.17


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