VVCD -97014 Vladimir Sofronitsky /piano/ plays Scriabin.
ADD 73'44''

Vladimir Sofronitsky ranks on a par with Rubinstein and Rachmaninov. He was admired by Prokofiev and Shostakovich. Horovitz recognized hios unique talent and Glazunov named him "one of the outstanding Russian pianists".

This CD presents pieces by Alexander Scryabin of whom Sofronitsky, not long before he died, said: "From my young days through my whole life and to the end I will take with me with great joy my love to him. Life, light, struggle, will. This is where the greatness of Scryabin lies." Sofronytsky's interpretations were very close to the author's himself, not by its technique but by spirit and message.


I think that Sofronitsky is the closest to Chopin: forceful, bright, truthful, soulful, elegiac but also elegant - these are qualities common to all Art. However, both in Chopin and Sofronitsky they are stressed to an extreme, with their life on the line, seriously, in tears flowing on their face, hands, life or ascetically swallowed - there is no room for the tears, everything is going to disappear now - faster, faster!! - or everything is shining in the purity of the spiritual look facing the sunny Source of Truth.
Sofronitsky was exactly a pure romantic; he is all yearning to the infinite and totally indifferent to the sea of life and is completely helpless in such.

Maria Yudina

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