VVCD - 00127


Brass Band of the Soviet Army
Old Russian Waltzes

1 G. Kitler. The Expectation
2 A. Joyce. An Autumn Dream
3 E. Waldteuffel. Estudiantina
4 E. Waldteuffel. A Day in Seville
5 I. Shatrov. On the Manchurian Hills
6 I. Ivanovich. The Danube Waves
7 V. Becker. A Forest Fairytale
8 A. Joyce. Reminiscence
9 V. Andreyev. Orchid
10 V. Becker. On a Calm Lake
11 P. Gapon. Torn Strings
12 V. Agapkin. Blue Night
13 V. Becker. Queen of the Ball
14 Yu. Rosas. Over the Waves
15 Davinhof. The Herald
16 N.Bakaleinikov. The Sorrow
17 K. Eban. The Reveries
Total: 75.58
First Exemplary Orchestra of the USSR Defense Ministry
Conductors: Colonel N. Sergeyev; General-Major N. Nazarov
Recorded: 1968; 1971; 1972
Restoration: Vista Vera, 2006


Copy&phonographic rights: Vista Vera, 2006