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Bach's Family and Students

The Golden Duet
Elena Sorokina
Alexander Bakchiev

Clavier duet music of Johann Sebastian Bach, his descendants and students recreates the "live history" of the transition era: a complicated evolution of baroque into classicism and romanticism, change of the dominating ways of musical thinking - from the so-called "polyphonic" to "homophonic", changes in the system of musical images, genres, and means of expression.

Elena Sorokina and Alexander Bakhchiev are often called Russia' Golden Duet. They have been active on concert stage for 35 years. Their vast repertoire includes most of the works ever written for piano four hands and for two pianos. To mark 200-years anniversary of Franz Schubert they performed in Moscow and other cities all his compositions for piano four hands.
A.Bakhchiev and E.Sorokina were graduated from Moscow Conservatoire, and now both of them are Moscow Conservatoire professors.
Elena Sorokina is Doctor of musical science, Deputy Rector and Head of the Chair of history of theRussian music at the Moscow Conservatoire. Alexander Bakhchiev has been playing solo and in ensembles for over 40 years. He made over 60 recordings of music from baroque to modern composers. Sofia Gubaidullina dedicated her Concerto Introitus and Efim Podgaitz his Bakhchiev-concerto to him.
The duet recorded over 40 gramophone records and compact discs including Mozart's Complete Piano Duets, Music of Old Vienna, Piano duets by Rachmaninov, and many more.
In 1990 they were elected Presidents of the National Association of the Piano Duets.

Johann Sebastian Bach. The Art of Fugue BWV 1080
1 № 18, 1 2.02
2 № 18, 2 2.02
Wilhelm Friedemann Bach (1710-1784). Concerto for Two Claviers in F major
3 Allegro moderato 8.04
4Andante 4.22
5 Presto 4.04
Johann Gottfried Muthel . Duet for Two Claviers in E-flat major
6 Allegro moderato e cantabile 9.00
7 Adagio mest e sostenuto con affetto 8.40
8 Allegretto 6.17
Carl Philippe Emmanuel Bach . Four Small Duets for Two Claviers
9 № 1 H flat-major 2.52
10 № 2 F major 3.02
11 № 3 A minor 2.23
12 № 4 E flat-major 1.30
Johann Christof Friedrich Bach. Sonata in A major for Piano Four Hands
13 Allegro con spirito 4.52
14 Rondo. Allegretto 4.18
Wilhelm Friedrich Ernst Bach . Andante A minor for Piano Four Hands
15 Andante 4.03
Johann Christian Bach . Sonata for Two Claviers in G major
16 Allegro 6.19
17 Tempe di menuetto 4.40

Total time: 79.19

Soundengineer: M.Pachter
Recorded in 1987


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